Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend Madness!!!!

So, we had a fantastic, wonderful, crazy, fun and whatever adjective you can think of, Memorial Weekend. We spent the weekend at my Mom and Dad's and much of our time was spent in the pool. My Little Cashie Boy is going to be quite the Water Bug. So, enough with the chit-chat.....bring on the pictures!!! There's a lot but we were having such a good time so I never put my camera down!!!

I thought I might start off with some pictures of Cash's first time in the pool. These pictures were taken last year and he was about 2 weeks old. Not a big fan of the water.

But this year was a different story!!


Here's a good shot of the "Megastation." It was perfect for the little ones to swim in. Good investment Pop Pop!!!

Taking a swimming break to cruise pool side.

Cash and Pop Pop posing together in their matching hats.

Riley taking a little extra precaution. It's hard to tell from the picture but that's sunscreen and she had it all over herself.

My little Gerber Baby.

A boy and his dog :)

While we were all together, we celebrated Riley's 2nd Birthday. Here's a pic of the Birthday Girl!!!

Jena Kate waiting for her cake!!!

For some reason Cash wouldn't pick up his cupcake to eat it. And notice his fake chewing...it's pretty funny!


Riley opening her presents.

This was her favorite thing she got. A card with Kitty's on it. She showed it off to everyone.

On Monday, Ed, Sue and Great Grandma Susan came for a visit.

We had a pretty busy holiday weekend but we enjoyed every single minute of it!!!! Hope everyone else did too!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tagged - Thanks Kathryn Louisa!!!

So, Katie tagged me and I thought I better humor her and play along. Here's how to play this particular game of Tag: Post these rules on your blog and complete. List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, and 3 random or surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they are tagged by leaving them a comment on their blog. And by all means, HAVE FUN!!

1. Playing with Cash
2. Family get togethers
3. Seeing that there might actually be in end to my kitchen/dining room
makeover :)

1. Snakes - can't look at them at the zoo, on TV, in pet stores.....I'm weirded out
just thinking about snakes!!!! Also, turtles, large fish, frogs anything like that.
2. Something happening to Cash
3. Getting in a car accident

1. To keep up with my laundry. I still have not figured out how 2 adults and 1 baby, that is usually just in a diaper, accumulates so many dirty clothes.
2. To be successful at making bows :)
3. Lose weight!!!!

1. Well, if you came to my house you would think I collected dust :) Sorry, Mom!
2. Buying things for Cash - he needs absolutely nothing but when I go into a store I think he needs everything.
3. I'm obsessed with making lists. Shopping List, To-Do List, Need To Order List. I've got lists of things all around my house.

Random Facts:
1. At the grocery store I have to put all my items in a certain order when
checking out. Everything has to be grouped together. Boxed goods, canned goods, baby items, toiletries.
2. Those lists I was talking about in my obsessions....if I don't like the way my penmanship looks, I'll rewrite the list. Maybe several times till I get it the way I want it to look. What's up with that!?!
3. I can listen to a song I like a million times and it never gets old.

So, now I tag Lacy, Lori, Mom, Sara and Alicia. When I check your blogs, all of you better have done this!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Day at the Zoo!!

Lacy, Gregg and Riley invited us to go to the zoo with them today for Riley's birthday. She turned 2 today!!! It was Cash's first trip to the zoo and he was such a good boy. He didn't care too much about the animals, he just loved the fact that he got to go on a long wagon ride. There are a lot of pictures but Lacy wimped out on us and took a break while we went on the back half of the zoo. So, I had to include pictures of everything she missed.

Family picture time!!

Before we got started looking at all the animals we took a little time to take a ride on the train and play in the park for a while.

Silly guy kept looking up into the sun.

Cash and the Meer Cats. Can you see them? They are over on the left. Cute little things. I think they were Spence's favorite.

Hey!!! This way you two!!!

That's better!!! Cash and Spence with the Ostrich.

Posing with the Giraffe.

Sippy cup break.

Lookin' at the fishies.

Silly Riley and her upside down glasses.

They were both pretty mesmerized by the waterfall.

This Hyena had his eye on Cash. It followed us up and down the fence. I think he saw a tasty treat.

Here's a picture of a Bald Eagle.

Strolling right along. Spence and Gregg made me walk behind them so they could pick up some chicks by looking like single fathers. Like they could really pick up chicks ;)

Yeap....I'm still back here, Cash!!

Here is how I felt by the end of the day :)

Lastly, I leave you with my favorite picture from the day. What a cutie!!!