Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dancing Machine!

So, let me introduce you to Cash's newest obsession.
Fellower Bloggers meet "Dancing Elmo," "Dancing Elmo" meet my Fellow Bloggers.
Elmo provides Cash with endless entertainment all day long and plays a catchy tune that is stuck in my head for the same length of time.

Sorry about the poor video quality. I have to be a little secretive when it comes to videoing him dancing. He's very particular about what I can and can not shoot. I guess he thinks the videos are going to get in the hands of some hot shot choreographer and they'll try to rip off his moves. He's that good folks....just take a look for yourself.


In this next video, he pelvic thrusted where there should have been some arm flapping and it totally threw him off of his groove. He got embarrassed about the whole thing and demanded that I stop filming immediately :)


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cash Is So Cool....

he doesn't just wear sunglasses at night....he wears them in the bathtub, too :)

A Terrible Case of....

...Some BED Head!! I guess I never really thought boys got bed head, but let me tell you...my little guy constantly has it!! This is how he woke up from him nap yesterday afternoon. Most have been a good rest :)

Here are a few other pictures from this week. Cash and I have been at my Mom and Dad's since Saturday because Spence has been out of town working. We don't like being at home by ourselves so we thought we would come and crash at Nanny "T" and Pop Pop's. While we were there Cash helped his Pop Pop mow the yard. Let's just say he wasn't a real big fan of that particular chore.

And here's a shot of Cash supporting his new favorite team. Go Thunder!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Look Out World...

....there's a new "Settle" on the block! Let me introduce you to Mr. Boston Tyler Kostka and his proud big sister, Jena!

Cash, checking out the whole new baby situation. He wasn't too sure about it at all.

Cash with his cousins, Lindsay, Abbie and Jena.

Lara and Boston are doing great! He was born today around 2:30 (?), weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and was 20 in.

I also wanted to share with everyone a pretty funny "Kids Say the Darndest Things" moment from today. So, Lara is "test driving" the whole breast feeding thing and I was holding Abbie, who is 4 years old, up so she could see Boston. Well, Lara was feeding him at the time and she asked what she was doing to him. So, I told her that Lara was feeding Boston. Now, at this point Abbie had a pretty confused look on her face and she then proceeded to ask "he's eating her boobie!?!" Ha, Ha!! I thought that was too funny!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Men At Work!!

Well, after almost 2 months of setting in our backyard still in it's box, Cash's swingset that he got from both sets of his grandparents for his birthday is now up a running!! It' took 3 nights of working on it and Cash is so glad it's together!
Cash thought that he needed to be out there with the guys...keeping them on schedule, making sure they are putting it together right....you know, everthing that a 1 year old should be doing.

"No, Poppy!! See, it goes like this!"

Sorry about the sideways video. Just turn your head :)


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Is This An Indication....

.....of my sons future :)
My Little, Boozing Confederate Soldier!

Yeap, you guessed it! We made a little visit to Frontier City this last weekend and you know we had to have our picture taken. They are a little hard to see because they are a picture of a picture but I think you get the point

Here's Cash on his first ride of the day and I might add that it was my fathers last ride. This little kiddie ride made him so sick he wasn't the same the rest of the day :)

Nanna "T" taking Cash on his first roller coaster ride. He looks so ready and sure of himself in this photo...he's totally going to rock this ride!

He's face in this photo is telling a different story. I'm not sure if it's the roller coaster that is scaring him or how his Nanna "T" is aggressivly holding him :)

Time for some Flying Dragons!!

Mom and I were the only ones that really braved the rides. Spence rode a few with me but the daring, high flying ones are not up his alley and Lord knows...if Dad couldn't handle the spinning Tea Cups there was no way we would get him on any of the other rides.

Leave Cash alone with Pop Pop for the length of one ride and this is what we come back to. Cash must have really enjoyed that cookie :)

My turn with Cash on the roller coaster. He did so good!! He wasn't afraid of any of the rides. I hope he's always this brave.

Cash really enjoyed all the rides but this was his favorite attraction. "The Hillbilly Shower."
Exhausted after a long, hot day at Frontier City.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Cutest Case of Bedlam!

Orange and Black or Crimson and Creme?

Cash says Go POKES!!