Friday, January 30, 2009

Come Join My Super Bowl Party!

Rah, Rah, Ree....Giving You Stuff For Free!
Come Join The Fun By Participating In My Uppercase Living Super Bowl Extravaganza!!

Here's How It Works:
When the game starts, place an order by calling me at (918) 430-5612. Depending on the time you call, you'll be able to benefit from one of these "SUPER" Deals!

1st Quarter- Free Shipping on your entire order over $75*Plus you will get 2 FREE Expressions predetermined by Uppercase Living.

2nd Quarter- Free 6 x 6 Glass Block Expression w/ $100 order*Plus you get 3 FREE Expressions predetermined by UppercaseLiving.

Half-Time- 10% off 2 Items.

3rd Quarter- 20% off 1 Accessory Item.

4th Quarter- 10% Off your entire order over $50*Plus you get 1 FREE Expression predetermined by Uppercase Living.

When you place an order, your name will then be entered into a drawing to win a "Framworks" Accessory Set for FREE!! That's right.....yours free!!

You can earn extra tickets to be used in the drawing the following ways:
Product order over $50 (prior to discount)- 2 extra tickets
Product order over $75 (prior to discount)- 3 extra tickets
Product order over $100 (prior to discount)- 5 extra tickets
Schedule an Open House in February, March or April** - 7 extra tickets
Enroll as an Uppercase Living Demonstrator - 15 extra tickets

Mark your calendars and be sure to call me at (918) 430-5612 with your order on Super Bowl Sunday!

The drawing to determine the winner will be done on Monday, February 2nd!

This offer is available to anyone, so if you know someone who loves (or would love!) Uppercase Living, please forward this along to them!

View Uppercase Living Products on my website at . Click "Products" and then view the catagories under "Online Catalog." So much to choose from, you're sure to find something you need :)

Oh, and if these incentives weren't enough for about one more!?! With your purchase of $50, you can receive our Limited Edition Little Hands Keepsake Kit for just $25 (normally a $50 value) It comes in Cherry Blossom, Green Tea or Shoreline Blue.

All orders have to come in during the timeframe of the actual Super Bowl Game. If you cannot get through when you call, please leave a message with the quarter you called in and I will use that as my reference when calling you back.

Thank You So Much and I Hope That You Will Take Advantage of These Great Savings!!!
Leia Laird

** If you schedule an Open House in the month of February, as a special Uppercase Living company incentive, Hostesses will bump up one level above the one they actually earn for their Open House (This bump is in addition to the one you may receive with your Double-Up rewards).

Monday, January 26, 2009

Kamryn Garvie.......You Were The Inspiration :)

So, I designed this bow this weekend with Kamryn and other little girls out there that share the same love for Animal Print, Bling, Fur (well, technically Marabou), Pink and all things FABULOUS!
Kamryn, I'm recruiting you as my "Fashion Advisor" on this particular design. As a little Fashionista in the making, I'd love to hear your opinion :)

Kamryn, hopefully you like it better then Cash :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

This One Goes Out To Aunt LoLo & Riley!

Cash might not say your names, but he knows who you are :)
He almost showed some love to Colter Bolter but mid point he changed his answer. Maybe next time Colt.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Get Your Calenders Out.....

......pick a date and book your Uppercase Living Open House today!!!!
I attended the Open House that Lacy hostessed last weekend and loved the product so much that I decided I just had to sell it. So, I'm now officially a Demostrator!!! I love this stuff so much that if it weren't for my husband telling me "Enough!", my whole house would be a giant sticker book :)
Uppercase Living is just such a fun way to add some personality to your house. With UL your not just limited to a few sayings and there is an array of colors to choose from to make your expession fit your home just right. And if you're not a fan of any of the expressions that we offer in our catalog then you have to try the MyDesign Tool. With this tool you get the opportunity to create your very own expression or design. Check out some of these pictures that showcase UL.

What did I tell you!?! Awesome....right? Endless possibilities to the personality you can add to your house, office....whatever your little heart desires :)

So, if you're interested in hosting a party contact me for more information. I'm going to start booking parties starting in February. Get yours booked today so you can reap the benefits of hosting a party.

Not interested in hosting party but would still love to purchase something, visit my website at to browse around.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Everything Checked Out!!

Well, we visited the Ortho. today and everything went great!!! There isn't much we can do for the break except try to keep him from injurying it more and displacing the bones. The Dr. thought a sling would just be bothersome to Cash and they don't really keep him from moving it anyways. We go back in 2 weeks for more X-Rays to make sure healing is going as expected. So, basically we just have to keep him from falling on it and making the break worse then it is.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Can't You Just See The Pain On His Face?

Well, at the age of 17 months, my son has already seen the emergency room, had stitches and broken bones more times then I have in my whole 27 years!!! He is one up on me in all cases :)

On Thursday evening Cash took a little roll off our couch. That kind of a fall is nothing out of the norm in our household. He cried a little louder and longer then usual but that was it. On Friday, he was favoring his left arm a little bit but he was still playing and using his arm somewhat. So, I just chalked it up to being a little sore or maybe bruised. Saturday came and he was using his arm even more. He ran around all day playing with his cousin Riley and even jumped on her new trampoline with no signs of pain. Well, Sunday afternoon rolled around and he was playing with my Aunt Debbie's cat. He went down onto his hands and knees and came up screaming!!! After that, he wouldn't use his arm at all. Occassionally bend it at the elbow but it stayed fixed to his side. This morning it didn't seem any better so we headed to the Dr. There was some noticable swelling so he sent us over to Baptist to have some X-Rays taken. That was a fun experience. I had to apologized to the Tech for the headache that she'd probably have after we left :) Anyways, we get a call back from our Dr. after he's looked over the X-Rays and Cash has a Undisplaced Fracture to his left clavicle. We've got an appt. with an Ortho. tomorrow to determine our next step. In the meantime, he is still running around liked a crazy person, with only the occassional sign of pain if he bumps his arm on something. I must say that he is one tough little guy!!!! I'll update you guys when we get back from seeing the Ortho.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Weekend Visitor!!!

Colter Bolter came and spent the weekend with us while his Momma went to Tulsa to hangout with some of her girlfriends from college. While I enjoyed his visit, I'm glad it was just that......a visit. He's a GREAT baby but I need a little more time to get my own maniac under control before I have another. That and a bigger house. It seems mine has shrank over the years :) Anywho......Cash LOVED having his cousin Colt here. I think I could have left the 2 of them home by themselves and not had to worry. Cash was great at getting bottles, wiping Colt's face and giving him some lovin'. Colt probably left with a headache because Cash's hugs and kisses tend to turn into haedbutts but Colt handled it all very well. He's welcome to come back and stay with and Aunt LeLe and Uncle Spence anytime. Riley is too!!!

Geez!?! Fat kid in a little sink :)