Friday, June 26, 2009

Best Friends Are We.....

.....My Cousin And Me!!!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who Needs White Water...

...when you've got a Double-Slide Water Park in your own backyard!!!


*Craft Show Update - Well, I only came away selling $80.00 worth of bows but I had a really good time and it's $80.00 that I didn't have before :) I'd like to participate in more so if you guys know of any, let me know!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Big Debut!

Well, I'm venturing out and doing my first craft show type thing tomorrow :O The store that I sell bows out of in Edmond has a "Warehouse Trunk Show" every couple of months and they invite their consignors to participate as well. I went and did my booth set up today and checked out some of the other boothes, too. Lots of cute things!! Think An Affair of the Heart on a much, much smaller scale. So, if any of you guys living in the OKC/Edmond area are in the mood to do a little shopping, you should definitly stop by. I'm including a coupon that you can print and if you bring it in you will get 20% off any item at the show (I think). It's 20% off something, just not sure if there are limitations to that. The address to the show is on the flyer. It's located on Kelly between 33rd and 15th.

My booth is a little "Plain Jane" compared to most of the others but there are not too many ways to display bows. But Ihave to give a great big THANK YOU to my dad for helping me put together my display stands. Spence helped too and of course my mom was around to help out with the little maniac, so THANK YOU to you guys, too! If I remember to bring my camera with me tomorrow I'll take some pics of my big debut!! Wish me luck!!

Wordless Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monday, June 08, 2009

Kiddie Land, Revisited!

We went and spent the weekend with my parents and had a great, relaxing weekend hanging poolside! I took lots of pictures of my little "Water Dog" swimming away but I thought I would spread my posts out a little bit and start with our visit to Kiddie Land. I blogged about this little park last year here but whenever it is open we always have to visit and I, of course, have to take pictures so sorry about the repeat blog topics :)
I was a little curious how Cash would take to the rides this year. He LOVED them last year!! Ed and Sue took him to the carnival in Woodward a few weeks ago and he did not enjoy himself. So I just figured he would react the same to these rides....but he didn't!!! He rode each ride like a Champ!! We'll start with what I believe to be his favorite ride at the park. The trains!
Here's Cash with his Pop Pop waiting for the train to come by.


Cash and I riding the train.
There is a tunnel that the train goes through and all the kids riding on the train scream real loud when it goes through. Cash didn't do it at first but after his second train ride, he caught on :)
He thought it was pretty funny.
Time for the Carousel! There was actually a milestone for Cash reached on this ride. Cash isn't much of a talker. He grunts and points A LOT!! Well, for the longest time now, when ever he sees a big animal he moo's. He thinks every large animal is a cow!! Well, he rode the horses and started neighing and snorting like a horse!! I was so proud!! He's a little slow when it comes to talking but he is one athletic son-of-a-gun!
Now, on to my favorite ride. The Tilt-A-Whirl!! Or as Spence would call it the "Tilt-A-Tourture." He's not a big fan of spinning rides :) But he sucked it up and rode with Cash and me. Cash was too young to ride this ride last year so I was excited for him to ride it this year.
I was almost pretty sure that we would have to stop mid-ride so we could get off because Cash wouldn't like it but when it got going he loved it. He screamed like a girl the whole way through :) Not because he was scared but because he was having fun!! There was still a point in the ride I was sure we would have to stop.......but that was to let Spence off =D
The Airplane ride that he liked so much last year was broke :( But I'm pretty sure this wasn't our last visit to Kiddie Land this summer so hopefully they will be working next time.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009