Friday, October 30, 2009

Bad Accident........

....or Awesome Halloween costume!?!

Miss "Undead" 1986

Thursday was our big Halloween Party at work. Each department had a theme and ours was "Zombie". We had our whole department all decorated and had a great time. I struggled with what I wanted to dress as. I originally wanted to go as a dead Disney character but didn't have much luck finding exactly what I wanted. I, of course waited until Wednesday to try and put together an outfit. I hit all the party stores with no luck insight. Just when I thought I wouldn't be dressing up anymore, I walked into a thrift store at 8:00 pm and guess what beauty caught my eye.....this lovely dress circa 1980 something :) It was much "lovelyer" before I "zombiefied" it. I don't look so much dead as I do beat up, but I had a good time. Here are a few pictures from the day.
My boss, Denise, the "Zombie Bowler".

Amy, the "He-She Electrician" who died from being electricuted on the job :)

Me with "Zombie Bride", Mindi. Yeap, she's really that short or am I really that tall? ;)

Hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Halloween. I'm making this post my offical return to the Blogging Scene. I'll post some pics soon of my little "Guitar Hero" trick-or-treater soon.
Blog Ya Later!!