Thursday, November 26, 2009

"See That!?!"


Well, I'm happy to say that Cash and Nate have now become the best of friends! I never thought this day would come :)
Hope everyone has a Blessesd and Full-Bellied Thanksgiving!


Poppy said...

Cashion has been watching TOO much wrestling on tv!! Nate sure was a good boy to put up with all those moves. Tell Cash Nana and Poppy "see that" too.

Becky said...

Poor Nate,but I did laugh out loud! Bet they're gonna be great buddies. Love the little "guitar" pictures, too! I am also relieved to see that Ben if not the only 2 year old still in pull-ups, and Ben likes it that way!

Mandy said...

I thought the same thing about the pull-ups! I also think that Cash and Ben might be made out of the same mold! It would have been a completely different video if Ben would have been Nate!

The Kinoti's said...